HSD Officers Apprehend Suspects

On Sunday (4/2/17) night at approximately 1:30 a.m. HSD Officers, Lt. Mark Mornay and Officer Chris Abbott were patrolling the Hurstville neighborhood. Lt. Mornay observed two black males exiting a vehicle in the 5400 block of Camp St. Lt. Mornay also observed two additional black males checking for unlocked vehicle in the same block of Camp St. Lt. Mornay called Officer Abbott for assistance before engaging the subjects. As Officer Abbott arrived at the Camp St. location the subjects broke and ran from the officers. Officer Abbott gave chase and apprehended one of the subjects. The other subjects made good their escape. The Second District responded to Lt. Mornay’s and Officer Abbott’s call for assistance. The officers weren’t able to locate the owner of the vehicle the subjects were observed in. The Second District officers along with Mornay and Abbot relocated to to 3800 block of Dryades St. with the detained subject for verification of his identity. The officers found an address on the subject connecting him to the Dryades St. address. When the officers were at that location, the second subject that fled the scene, arrived at the Dryades Street address. Officers Mornay and Abbott identified him as the second suspect that fled from Camp St. The officers were able to verify the two subjects’ identities. The officers learned that one of the subjects was wanted on a parole violation for burglary. That subject was arrested for the warrant violation. The other subject had to be released due to the fact the police couldn’t locate the victim from Camp St. at the time of this investigation. A Second District Investigative Officer was on the scene to assist with the investigation and collected the second suspect’s information. Once the officers locate the victim this suspect will be charged accordingly.