Hurstville Patrol – 504-432-8818

Residents of Hurstville Security may call for service at anytime to report a crime in action or after the fact, to report any suspicious activity or to request an officer escort while entering or leaving your home. Please call 504-432-8818 at least 15 minutes in advance of the time needed.

Calls placed for security services are answered directly by the officers patrolling within the district, rather than through a dispatch service.  Crimes should always be report to the NOPD via 911 as the official law enforcement body of the city.

The Hurstville Security and Improvement District engages officers to provide enhanced security services in the neighborhood, monitor the activity in the area and direct the necessary security resources to keep criminal activity to a minimum. The neighborhood has enjoyed relative low crime rates for many years, especially in the areas of crimes involving people rather than property.  Much of this can be attributed to the enhanced security provided by Hurstville and other neighborhood security districts and voluntary membership patrols in many uptown areas.