Addresses within the security and improvement district
(all streets both sides unless otherwise indicated)

River to Lake


Valmont (between Magazine and Prytania) 900-1399
Leontine (between Magazine and Prytania) 900-1399
Jefferson (between Magazine and Liberty) 900-2099; provided that from 1400-2099 is even numbered (Uptown) side only).
Octavia (between Magazine and Liberty) 800-2099
Joseph (between Magazine and Loyola) 800-1899
Arabella (between Magazine and Loyola) 800-1799; provided that from 1500-1599 (Hurst to St. Charles) is odd numbered (Downtown) side only and the rest is both sides
Nashville (between Magazine and Loyola) 800-1499 and 1600-1799 (odd numbered only); please note that from 1500-1599 (Hurst to St. Charles), all municipal addresses are excluded.

Downtown to Uptown


Magazine (between Valmont and Nashville) 5300-5799
Camp (between Valmont and Nashville) 5300-5799
Chestnut (between Valmont and Nashville) 5300-5799
Coliseum (between Valmont and Nashville) 5300-5799
Perrier (between Valmont and Nashville) 5300-5799
Prytania (between Jefferson and Nashville) 5300-5799
Pitt (between Jefferson and Nashville) 5300-5799
Atlanta (between Jefferson and Nashville) 5300-5799
Garfield (between Jefferson and Nashville) 5300-5799
Hurst (between Jefferson and Nashville) 5400-5799; provided that from 5700-5799 (Arabella to Nashville) is even numbered (River) side only
St. Charles (between Jefferson and Nashville) 5400-5799; provided that from 5700- 5799 (Arabella to Nashville) is odd numbered (Lake) side only
Daneel (between Jefferson and Nashville) 5300-5799
Saratoga (between Jefferson and Joseph) 5400-5599
Loyola (between Jefferson and Nashville) 5400-5799
Liberty (between Jefferson and Octavia) 5400-5499