Armed Robbery on Dryades and Robert

On 2-24-2016 at approximately 0020 hours a Twinbrook Security District (TSD) Officer patrolling eastbound at Dryades and Roberts was hailed by a resident who stated he had just been robbed at gunpoint in his driveway in the 4900 block of Dryades, and that his car, a 2007 black Audi A4 had been stolen. He stated the car was last seen driving eastbound on Dryades towards Valence. The officer made a check of the area in an attempt to determine direction of travel, however the vehicle had already left the area. He returned to the somewhere the resident was already reporting the incident to the New Orleans Police Department. (NOPD). The resident stated that he pulled into his drive way at 0015 hours and was approached by two African American males wearing knit caps pulled low over their face. One of the males pointed a semiautomatic handgun at him and said “give us the keys if you want to live”. He exited the vehicle, grabbing his laptop bag and musical instrument from the trunk of the car. The resident stated that the car turned east onto Dryades, and he was still in the street calling for help when he saw TSD officer approach a few minutes later. There is no further information available at this time. As always, Hurstville Security District urges you to use the patrol as often as possible. Officers are on duty and can provide escorts to and from your home. Please report all crimes and suspicious activity to the NOPD (911) and the patrol at 432-8818.