2nd Carjacking Reported Uptown in 24 Hours

NOPD Report

A 2nd Carjacking Uptown in the Last 24 Hours Around 2:30 am on November 23, a woman reported that her red Hyundai Elantra was rear ended at Nashville and St. Charles by another vehicle. When she got out to check the damage, assailants in the car that real-ended her car jumped out and stole her vehicle. This is the second such story in 24 hours, the first happening just 24 hours prior on Nashville and Claiborne. The second car was later found in the 5600 block of Royal Street and investigators say it may be linked to other recent crimes across the city as well. NOPD warns motorists to be on hight alert and call 911 if such an incident occurs and do not get out of the vehicle. The Uptown Messenger offers more details on investigation. Anyone with information that may be helpful to this case is asked to call the NOPD 2nd District.