Vehicle Burglary on Loyola

 Vehicle Burglary On Loyola

The victim reported to the police that on Wednesday, September 21st her husband parked and locked their vehicle in their driveway the 5500 block of Loyola Street at about 5:00 p.m. She reported on Thursday, September 22nd at about 9:00 a.m. she discovered the driver’s door unlocked. She stated that she observed the glove box and center console open and the contents strew about the vehicle’s interior. She reported both of their checkbooks and about $3.00 in loose change missing from the vehicle. The investigating officer didn’t observed any signs of forced entry into the vehicle. The officer processed the vehicle for physical evidence and was able to locate some fingerprints from the vehicle. The prints were submitted as evidence. The officer did observe a security camera on the neighbor’s house. The resident wasn’t home at the time of the investigation. The Second District will conduct a follow-up and attempt to secure the video from the camera.

Carl Perilloux

HSD Patrol Supervisor