2023 Year End Recap

A Year End Recap from the Hurstville Board of Commissioners


Dear Neighbors:

As 2023 draws to its close, the Board of the Hurstville Security and Neighborhood Improvement District (HSD) has been following closely the levels of crime. By far the leading categories are vehicle burglary and vehicle theft. More information related to these is included below. There have been occasional calls from residents reporting suspicious activity. In the event any resident sees something that calls for an officer response, please first call 911 to report it, then call the patrol at (504) 432-8818. We are the eyes and ears for both our security officer and NOPD. Without citizen help, sometime the police do not have much to work with. In the event you want an officer escort, call the number above. Please be patient. The officer(s) may be assisting other, and our finances do not allow officers to be on duty at all hours.

Vehicle Burglary and Theft
It bears repeating that all residents should follow these guidelines:
• Lock your cars, and do not leave anything obvious in view
• Do not leave a gun in the car. NOPD reports this is the primary goal of these individuals.
• Walk to and from your car with purpose with key ready. Be aware of your surroundings.
• If you are uneasy about a situation, drive around the block before parking.

If you are a victim of a carjacking, immediately give up the car. Leave the area quickly. Call 911.

SDT Task Force App
It has now been a year since HSD started using this system which includes ipads in the officer’s hands and allows more detailed tracking and accountability. Separately, it has streamlined the monthly accounting process. This system is monitored by Lieutenant Perilloux. After trying other systems, this one has shown itself to be superior and we intend to continue using it.

NONPACC Monthly Meetings
The NOPD has monthly meetings at the Second District Station located at 3401 Broadway. These meetings are an opportunity for residents to have face to face discussions with officers. Anybody interested in attending should contact Officer Kelly Morel at 504 658-6029. She is very responsive and can answer questions.

Our Officers
In addition to Lt. Perilloux, who has coordinated the HSD patrol for the past 18 years, we have on our current roster 3 NOPD officers, 4 East Bank Levee District officers and 1 Orleans Parish Sheriff officer. Seven of these eight officers drive marked vehicles, and the other has installed blue lights for identification. Lt. Perilloux has done a good job recruiting at a time of short staffing and escalating costs. We are fortunate to have this roster of trained officers.

Reported Crime Data
In response to inquiries about reported crimes, we recommend you go to the official website found here: https://nola.gov/nopd/data/ Another source more focused on the Second District is the NONPACC report distributed by Office Morel.

Thank you for your concerns, and please follow the NOPD tips to stay safe.


Hurstville Security and Neighborhood Improvement District
(504) 432-8818